Deposits and withdrawals

I ‘m concerned Chase ‘s posting practices may not comply with what they disclose to their clients. I set recurring payments on the XXXX of every month via the QuickPay service. I make mobile deposits before the cut off time every month on the last business day of the preceding month. This covers the QuickPay, which could be processed the next day or a couple of days later if the last business day of the preceding month was not the last calendar day of the month. I ‘ve had this process going for a while with no issues, and a few months ago ( and this month ) I had issues.
1 ) XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX – I made a mobile deposit into my Chase account to cover the QuickPay payment set for XX/XX/XXXX.
XXXX XXXX XXXX at XXXX – I received confirmation from Chase that my mobile deposit was accepted. It does disclose that further review may result in delayed availability, but this does n’t apply to my situation. They may reserve the right, but they did not exercise ( and have never exercised ) it to delay availability of funds. The deposit I made should have been posted on XX/XX/XXXX, and it should be available on XX/XX/XXXX.
3 ) XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX – Chase sent me an email confirming my QuickPay was sent to the intended recipient.
4 ) XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX – I went to confirm the payment went out as intended ( since this issue occurred before ), and I notice that the funding failed again! I emailed Chase to notify them of this EFT error, and to see if I could get a better explanation this time. I did n’t.
5 ) XX/XX/XXXXat XXXX – I received a response from Chase. It explained they confirmed my XX/XX/XXXX mobile deposit was made at exactly XXXX EST on that same day, and that the mobile deposit cut-off time was XXXX EST. Per Chase, this caused the delayed availability, even though the posting date would be XX/XX/XXXX. Given the facts above, this means that Chase received and accepted my deposit prior to the cut off time, but did n’t process it until after the cut off time, which caused my payment to fail.
6 ) XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX – I responded to the explanation provided, and informed them there ‘s no way it could ‘ve happened like that unless Chases practice is to not follow what they disclose to client ‘s.
7 ) XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX – Chase customer service still lacked the capability of understanding the concern. They explained deposits are not made available right away, and that they are available the next day. Again, I ‘m not sure how my deposit would not cover a payment that was to occur the day after. I did n’t need immediate availability. I needed it available when it was supposed to be, the next day!
If I were to do this exact same transaction, but process the payment on XX/XX/XXXX manually, there would not have been issues. The money from the XX/XX/XXXX deposit would ‘ve been available, and the payment would ‘ve been funded. However, Chase ‘s system is designed to process the mobile deposit after the cut off time to delay availability for funding of recurring QuickPay payments set to occur the day after the deposit without disclosing that to clients. At least they have n’t been able to provide any documentation related to me agreeing to this posting order …
I think they are taking advantage of clients, and could potentially be capitalizing on NSF fees because of this. I have not incurred any fees, but other people may have. Their customer service and complaint escalation reps are incapable of understanding the systemic issue that likely affects the millions of people utilizing mobile deposit and QuickPay. I would like you to look into this as my attempts to obtain answers and resolve the issue have failed. They do n’t appear to be in compliance with their disclosures, and could potentially have Reg E issues with the process in which they attempted to resolve my notice of error.

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