Deposits and withdrawals

In XXXX of 2014 I started a new job and was given a paper check for my first payday. I deposited this into my XXXX XXXX bank account and was told the items would be available the next business day. I wrote a check to deposit funds off of this account to transfer to my Bank of America Account. XXXX put a delayed Reg CC hold on the paycheck and bounced the check I had written to the Bank of America account, causing the bank of America account to go negative. Bank of America closed my account and reported me for fraud, even though I have since paid back any amounts owed, and supplied them with documentation that the funds were there. Bank of America refuses to work with me to clear my name or allow me to open another account. This has lead to issues opening new bank accounts as well. I would like all negative information on file with bank of america removed as the funds were there to cover this transaction.

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