Deposits and withdrawals

XXXX through the XXXX application SIMPLE Finance Technology Company has violated banking regulation 31 CFR Part 212 garnishing my federally protected funds and refusing to discuss the matter. I am XXXX with a XXXX and receive my XXXX check deposited directly by the us treasurer in a checking account, recently a very old incorrect child support order resurfaced from XX/XX/2010 and the bank garnished my account to include my federally protected and exempt XXXX payment. This now has caused me the inability to purchase needed medications and essentials such as food. XXXX. The bank has now refused to release the funds even though they are federally protected and is illegal to garnish. The bank has now ignored my XXXX reasonable accommodation request to speak directly to a banking regulator or compliance officer as my email communication skills might not be giving the right message or making sense. This too has now been ignored and not accommodated. The ramifications of a banking institution actions for me on this are now advanced to severe both XXXX and XXXX. again the only deposits for the last several weeks and pretty much the last 5 months have only been XXXX payments.

1. Thy contacted by email not mail as required on XX/XX/XXXX and I immediately advised them is action was incorrect and they can not allow it to happen due to the funds were federally protected. The only option they gave was to contact the court. The court being in the State of IL and I am in XXXX XXXX without any financial ability to hire an attorney or fly to be present for a hearing.
2. They did not conduct a look back to see where my deposits were coming from. If they did they would have noticed almost all were from XXXX the last several months. Even though I advised them this was not legal.
3. They have told me there is nothing they can do and have not even tried to help the situation – at one point belittling me telling me they know the banking regulations.
4. I asked for a reasonable accommodation to speak to a bank regulation or compliance officer afforded to me under the XXXX act – and the 2 requests have gone unanswered and have not proved helpful.
I am not asking for anything other than the law and regulations be followed. The to close me out of funds without and oversight or due diligence is reprehensible and not allowing me to speak to a manager or officer is very aggravating. I am now out of my basic medicines that are crucial for my XXXX and have no way to travel to the store – see a doctor or even buy anything needed to survive. Please please advise my bank to follow the regulations and do something other than be a shallow shell of a business and now ignoring my XXXX reasonable accommodations request. I am in urgent need of someone making a phone call to make this right.

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