Deposits and withdrawals

My grandmother wrote me a check for XXXX, but the date was wrong. I did not notice until the bank teller told me so. Now, this is understandable. I laughed it off and went home to call my grandmother. She apologized and wrote me a new check. Now, keep in mind that she is XXXX XXXX XXXX. After driving quite a distance to pick up this new check, I arrived approximately 1 week later to the very same bank location. And the very same teller. Little did I know, my grandmother had crossed out the new check number and written the old check number. Apparently this is not okay. So, I was denied once again. A little frustrated at this point, but by no means mad. This is again, understandable. After waiting a week and driving ANOTHER quite a long distance, I pick up a third check from my XXXX year old grandmother. Did I mention this has taken up a significant amount of my time and money? Driving long distances and leaving work early, etc. I arrive at the bank once more, same location, same teller, confident that ” third times a charm. ” Well it is not. This time, my poor XXXX year old grandmother ‘s handwriting is ” illegible. ” It is to the point where I am being profiled. I was told I need to tell grandma she needs a power of attorney. My grandmother does not need a power of attorney. The best part is, I heard XXXX tellers say the amount of this check aloud. It ‘s clearly legible.

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