Deposits and withdrawals

I was scammed by a person offering work as a private driver, the person sent me a check for my name, I deposited in my account and the next day was the money in my checking account. I withdraw the cash the next day having deposited the check, and made a cash deposit money gram. 6 days after I check my bank account and I get $ XXXX. I check and he says the check was returned. I went to the bank to see what has happened and the only thing they told me is that the check was fake. The problem is that my bank charge me a fake check which they should have checked before giving money, because if the bank checks before the check is false and sees none of this would have happened.I help me see that I can do with the bank. What steps to take. Since I made the police report and I nummero report. Prompt response and hope to have the urgency I run out of money. Thank you.

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