Deposits and withdrawals

I made several purchases using my debit card. These were listed under my pending/on hold transactions. A couple days later, I had emergency brake work done on my car. This was after my other withdrawals. The brake work caused a slight overdraft ( which I expected ). A couple days later, I received overdraft charges on my account for XXXX items totalling 210.00 ( approx. XXXX of my paycheck ). These were all caused by the minor charges I had made previous to the brake work. In fact, the brake work was finally deducted four days after. I contacted customer service and asked for a supervisor. I spoke to a supervisor named XXXX who insisted that there was nothing he would do to help and basically insulted my intelligence. I was told that even though those charges were made previous to the large charge which caused this, that they were posted after the charge ( and while it in itself was still on hold and pending ).

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