Deposits and withdrawals

PNC Bank is continually causing issues with my bank accounts. I had to close an account because they kept switching transactions around to cause my account to become overdrawn. I was told to watch my accounts closely so that I am not the XXXX causing overdrafts. Recently, before leaving home, my accounts ( Reserve and Spend ) XXXX had positive funds. I went out for the evening, realized that I needed to transfer funds from XXXX to spend to cover my activities of the evening. I made the transfer and again checked both accounts. XXXX accounts had a positive balance. When I woke up, XXXX accounts were overdrawn!!! This was confusing and angered me. Because of the bank messing up my account, I had a small check come through that they returned for NSF and then charged me an OD fee. It has been a down hill battle since Thursday XXXX XXXX. I have sent them XXXX complaints and all I am being told is they are looking into it. NOW they have XXXX of my accounts in the negative and when looking at the transactions, they have them completely in an order that will only benefit them to keep returning things and charging me OD fees. With online banking, they constantly change the order transactions occur so from hour to hour or day to day, the account never looks the same. They tell us to keep track and watch our accounts but that does n’t help when THEY manipulate your account to benefit them!!

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