Deposits and withdrawals

I was banking with TD bank and there was fraud done to my bank account. Someone deposited into and then withdrew from my account. Upon their investigation they verified it was not me who did the transaction. It was not me who made extra fraudulent charges. I had never made transactions similar. The signature was not mine. I was in a completely different XXXX when the incident took place. They promised me they would redirect my payroll check into another account for me also. They then decided that since the person knew my pin number that i was liable and they took my check and made me responsible for the transactions. That is totally unfair to me. I was not responsible and they had no proof or a reason to hold me accountable. There are several ways scammers can access another persons pin number. i had been a loyal customer and a upstanding citizen then and until this very day. now i cant get a bank account, they took hard earned money from me and they ruined my name and reputation to other lenders.

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