Deposits and withdrawals

My husband lost his bank card and didnt know it. Navy Federal sent my him a text in regards to a {$8.00} purchase and that was it. Once we were able to check our account there had been XXXX transactions conducted with his card and a pin number over the course of 3 days. This an account that my husband and I solely have for the purpose of us saving money. This is the only joint account we have and do n’t use it on a daily basis at all. The XXXX transactions consisted of XXXX checks being written to my husband and deposited into our account. Of course it later came back that the checks were not legit. So at this time Navy Federal is saying that my husband and I are responsible for the estimated {$2000.00} overdrafts in our checking and savings account. Due to the fact that the transactions were done by a pin number they are basically saying that they have done their investigation and we are liable. The fact that checks were not signed by my husband, location of the transactions and the irregular amount of transactions conducted in such a short time frame was not taking under consideration. So almost every Navy Federal calls myself or my husband seeking payment for these fraudulent actives that has occurred to our bank account. I honestly believe that it maybe a Navy Federal employee who did this due to the fact that fake Navy Federal checks were used and that they had some way of getting my husbands pin number or even able to manipulate the system in to believe its my husbands pin. My husband did not write his pin number down or give it to anybody. He uses the same pin number for all of his accounts so there is no need to write it down which Navy Federal is assuming happened or that he gave it to someone. I his wife is the only other person who knows this pin number. So needless to say DO NOT TRUST NAVY FEDERAL WITH YOUR MONEY!!!! They have done absolutely nothing to help me resolve this issue but give me the run around and play games. I get new and different answers every time I call and they refuse to let me speak to a supervisor, investigator, or security personnel to help me understand how they came up with the conclusion in which they did.

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