Deposits and withdrawals

XX/XX/XXXX my debit card information was stolen and someone racked up about {$2000.00} worth of charges on MY CITIBANK checking account. when I went into the bank and explained my situation to the banker they told me they would investigate and my money would be refunded within 7 to 10 days. I went back to the bank weeks later and still no refund. I spoke with a representative from Citibank and she told me they sent me a letter in the mail that I never received that stated they were denying my claim and were n’t going to refund my money to my account because it appears i racked up charges myself, she told me I needed to file a Police report and there ‘s nothing she can do. So I filed my Police report like she told me with an officer named XXXX, XXXX. in his report he states that he received survailance from one of the ATM ‘S i had claimed to never been to before and found that somebody else was in fact at the ATM using my information. I went back to CITIBANK to submit the police report. the woman helping me told me that while they were investigating again the would send me ” provisions ”. I never received any provisions. and on XX/XX/XXXX CITIBANK sent me XXXX letter in the mail stating they were deny my claim again. Im running out of options I hope your company can get me my hard earned much needed funds back. thank you

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