Deposits and withdrawals

I ‘m XXXX and require special accommodations. On XXXX at approximately XXXX, I walked into PNC Banking Institute located at XXXX, Washington , DC . I needed to withdraw XXXX dollars out of my checking account and follow-up with transactions made with my debit card on XXXX. In the process of conducting business at the Teller ‘s window, XXXX walked up to the right of the Teller ‘s window, while I was counting a couple of thousands and starting yelling ” That ‘s Enough ”, ” Stop Her ”, ” Do Not Help Her ”, ” She Needs to Move, There Are Other Customers in Line ”, with XXXX standing to the left of me at the Teller ‘s window.
I asked XXXX XXXX if her staff could step back from the Teller ‘s window while I continue to count my money. Both women employed with PNC Banking Institute refused to honor my request to back away from the Teller ‘s window for my privacy. After counting XXXX dollars in all twenties, I needed to check on my pending transaction made on XXXX. I requested to file a complaint with their corporate office because those women made me feel so uncomfortable.
XXXX would n’t contact customer service until 60 minutes later ( XXXX/Sales Service Manager, XXXX, Washington, DC XXXX, Washington, DC XXXX ). Those women were so unprofessional and they are in serious need of training.

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