Deposits and withdrawals

I ‘ve complained about BoA unnecessarily delaying crediting my account because they want to float my money for weeks, and it ‘s become clear that BoA ‘s need for greed has again surfaced. TOday. XX/XX/2016 I attempted to deposit a check from my XXXX retirement account to my BoA checking account, as I have on many occasions at this branch only to be told that ” the computer ” said there would be a delay in crediting my account because of the size of the check, which was $ XXXX. The last time they pulled this the check was at or just over $ XXXX and held me up for 2 weeks while they used my money to inflate their balance sheet. On most of my transfers between my XXXX account and my BoA account I deposit the money one day and it ‘s available the next. I do n’t care if they report the deposit to the government in an effort to prevent illicit money laundering, or other criminal behavior, I ‘m glad they do, but I ‘m sick and tired of them holding me up in order to use my money for their gain. The BoA bank agent said that the ” computer ” told her the bank had to hold the funds, and although she did n’t say it would be 2 weeks, that is what it was the last time they pulled this trick. Actually they pulled it with a BoA credit card refund as well and I think I complained about that too. BoA is run by a bunch of bandits and they need to be fined or jailed. I would n’t be writing if I was a new depositor, or this was a first time transfer between these XXXX accounts, but I have a long history of making these transfers to cover family expenses that exceed my limited retirement income. I had the branch cancel the deposit and return my check, which they did and I told them I would file a complaint with the government, which I am. Congress wont lock these thieves up, I will if this was an illegal act.

” The computer said ” is not a satisfactory excuse and unless there is Federal Law that says they have to delay giving me my money, this is not only horrendous customer service, if it was an illegal tactic then I want the appropriate penalty to be levied.

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