Disclosure verification of debt

Credigy Receivables, inc and XXXX XXXX esquire have filed a lawsuit against me for debt from 1998. First, the status of limitations has passed, second they filed a lawsuit and advised they served me with an affidavit, but I never received nor did I sign anything stating I received an affidavit. So I was never aware that I needed to appear in court. I have contacted the creditor ( credigy receivables, inc XXXX for copies of all debt and payments and affidavits they claim I ‘ve received but I have still not received anything. They originally filed in XXXX XXXX and then transferred the case to XXXX XXXX ( case # XXXX XXXX, they won a summary judgment and had all my bank accounts frozen. When I first received the letter of the summary judgment I contacted them to find out what this was in reference to and if I could speak to the attorney that submitted lawsuit ( Credigy and attorney XXXX XXXX can be reached at the same number, attorney is never available only collection dept. I did ask the collections person what happens now, all they could tell me was that now I need to wait and see what the courts say, when they had already requested that the court freeze all my bank accounts. I am unable to pay my rent, bills ( ie : credit cards ) or buy food, I have been borrowing money that I ‘ll probably not be able to pay back if this continues. How can I dispute something if I never knew about it? I filed for emergency motion to open judgment or to unfreeze my account to at least pay my rent and cc bill, the judge denied this and gave Credigy 20 days to respond to my request.
I have contacted a few attorneys and almost all of them are in complete disbelief that the courts allowed them to do this. Could someone please help as I am starting to incur more debt trying to fight this lawsuit, also credigy receivables keeps increasing the amount owed to them each time XXXX because my bank received a court order to provide credigy with how much was in my account.
This debt has n’t been on my credit report and if they win this judgment this will end up on my credit report thereby ruining my credit even more. I have never received anything from this company, but it appears they purchased a debt that was discharged. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I ‘ll also try to reach out to some news channels to see if they expose this company ‘s practices.

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