Disclosure verification of debt

* XX/XX/2016. i got into a car accident.
*I was in my mothers car. my mother did have insurance with wind haven. i was not on her insurance.
*I was at fault.
*6 months later ( XX/XX/XXXX ) i received a letter from ” XXXX subrogation Department ”.
*That letter stated ” YOU ARE LIABLE FOR PAYMENTS THAT XXXX MADE TO ITS POLICYHOLDER AS A RESULT OF THE LOSS. THE DAMAGES ARE {$7800.00} ” * On XX/XX/2016. i got a call from ” wilber & associates ” * The case number they had on file was the same as the one on the letter from ” XXXX ”.
* This company told me that i no longer owe the {$7800.00}. now its SUDDENLY {$120000.00}.
*They told me that if i do n’t pay {$250.00} a month starting this month that they would get my FL drivers license suspended. and that if i did n’t start those payments that they would not allow me later on to negotiate a payment plan.
* I NEVER got mail from them before this phone call.
*I told them that i would not make payments until they mailed me proof that i owe that amount.
* They then got Mad, were very rude, practically Threatened to ruin my MILITARY career, spoke over me, then hung up the phone.
* After several attempts they sent me their ” proof ” for some of the debts. MOST of the proof were mearly Estimates of the damages.
* Heres what they ‘re charging me -total loss XXXX : {$9100.00} – Net salvage : – {$1600.00} -Rental Reimbursement : {$230.00} -XXXX : {$4700.00}.

They sent me paperwork for everything EXCEPT the XXXX, they refuse to show me any type of proof of where those {$4700.00} were even spent on. no proof at all that the other people involved even went to the hospital for any type of injuries. the person handling my claim even told me that i am a ” NOBODY ” and that i have NO right to see proof of that paperwork. he also told me that they DONT have that paperwork which I ‘m sure they do n’t, but at the same time he said that the other person involved had a XXXX. contradicting himself.
*i have explained MULTIPLE times to them that i have no problem paying as long as there is accurate paperwork to support their claims.
* the police report says that there were NO INJURIES!

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