Disclosure verification of debt

I was never notified of any kind of debt, any kind of court case, no notification at all from this company. All of a sudden I checked my bank account and my bank account was frozen on a legal hold, never received notice that my bank account was frozen. Will not tell me my case after begging for information, find out a third party company bought ” my debt ” and then attempt to call them to get verification of debt, they refuse to give me the verification of debt. They hang up on me, or tell me to call back every time I call to try to get my bank account unfrozen and get verification of debt. My ” debt ” is being collected through a third party company called Weltman Weinberg and Reiss. I never received any kind of notification that this would be happening to me, my bank account is still frozen over debt that they will not verify and no one is doing anything to get my account unfrozen, or work with me. I do not understand how this is legal. The company will lie in a court of law and tell a judge that you were delivered paperwork when you were not, and then the judge will make a judgment because they think that you are negligent because you are not there, however you were not served the paperwork! Unbelievable that this is happening. My bank account has been frozen for two weeks and there is nothing that I can do about it. This is completely illegal.

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