Disclosure verification of debt

RE : NRA LLC and XXXX – At XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX I received a call from an unknown number – Caller stated my name and asked me to verify ( no other information was provided by caller ) – I confirmed my name – Caller then stated last XXXX digits of my social security #. I declined and asked him what this was regarding. He told me he was calling from NRA LLC but refused ( despite my question ) to tell me what NRA LLC was. Caller said he would not tell me if I would not confirm my social security and hung up.
– I was deeply disturbed by this and I assumed this was an attempt to steal information for identity theft.
– I called back and the same caller answered. I asked what his company did and he replied, ” I just talked to you, ” and hung up again. I called 3 more times and the call was deliberately rejected each time.
– On the fourth attempt a woman answered who this time took the time to explain this was a {$24.00} debt (! ) that I was not even aware of and actually explained what the call was about.

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