Disclosure verification of debt

Well i was given a notice to vacate at XXXX apartments for violating the lease terms. They of course sent it to a collection agency named blakely witt. Now i expected to owe money but i didnt expect to have to deal with a bs company who posts XXXX what i owe on my credit report without trying to collect from me at all. So i decided to call them and ask how i could owe XXXX?! I definitely did not expect to be disrespected like i was. From the moment he started talking i knew they werent like any other debt collection agency i have ever dealt with. First off he just said hello. He didnt tell me who he was what company he worked for or that he was attempting to collect a debt. I know i called them but every other collection company did whether i called them or the other way around. To his defense though he wasnt trying to collect anything. When all he said was hello i said um hi my name is XXXX XXXX and yall put on my credit report that i owe XXXX and i would like to know what that is for exactly. So he started to read off the list and he said XXXX for rent which sounded high but possible then he said XXXX for damages and that sounded right. Then he said something about a fee for not providing proper notice. I said i was asked to leave in three days how can i leave 30 days notice in three days? He said that doesnt matter and i said yeah it does and then he said let me explain how a conversation works …. At this point i am pretty mad. Then he said a XXXX dollar collection fee. I asked what are you doing to justify that you have been on the phone with me for XXXX min and still havent tried to collect anything from me? He said it was in my lease. I said you arent helping and he told me im not trying to help you im trying to help my clients so i hung up. So then i decided i should go to the apartment complex for a copy of the lease. I asked for it and they took my number down and said they would call when they had it but of course they never did so a few days later i called them and they said they didnt have it anymore because they shred them after a year and i had to get it from blakely witt, but they have a list for what i owe so i got it and it said i owe XXXX something with collection fee included so i called blakely back. This time they asked my name and transfered me right back to the same guy who called himself XXXX XXXX. This time he refused to talk about the debt and just made fun of the way i laughed or something. I said ok whatever i just need a copy of the lease and an itemized list for what i owe emailed to me. He said he cant email only mail it i said i dont have a address because i cant get an apartment because of this debt he said call back when i had XXXX. I said fine here is my moms address but i dont think he wrote it down. Then iasked if he was going to mail it he asked ” what of you think ”? Then i said please correct the amount and let me start paying on it and he told me i dont have money so i couldnt pay it then i asked what the amount he had was and he hung up.

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