Disclosure verification of debt

As I was checking my credit score. I saw the debt collectors ( GOLD KEY INC ) send a medical debt of {$710.00} I was not aware of.The debt agency did not contact me to dispute the matter in order to see if there can be any arrangement made to have the debt paid off. I received no phone calls and there was no form of contact made to informed me of the debt. I’am filling a complain due to not receiving notice of right to dispute and also for not receiving any letter via mail concerning the debt. I’am willing to work with them in compliance, if they are willing to work with me to have the debt remove from my credit report profile. Thus affecting my credit score. I ‘m seeking help because I feel like it was unfair to me due to the fact that I receive no form of letter informing me of the debt or trying to reach me via phone to discuss the matter.
Thank you!.

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