Disclosure verification of debt

There is a collection account on my credit report from Cavalry Portfolio Services. It says they are reporting it every single month, which is just another means of harassment to get someone to pay. I have never even taken out a credit card with XXXX XXXX in the amount of {$440.00}. They are also reporting this as late, but I do n’t even know how it ‘s possible to be late on a supposed collection account. I do n’t have a contract with them. In fact, on their very own ” validation ” it says previous arrangements are not applicable. There ‘s nothing to be late on. I ‘ve never even been contacted by them. I ‘ve never been contacted by XXXX XXXX about this account either. In fact, I just opened a new credit card account in XXXX with XXXX XXXX, but Cavalry just keeps reporting this collection item and on top of it report it as late every month. I called Cavalry again on XXXX/XXXX/16 at XXXX and requested validation of this debt. I was told that they do not own the debt and that they are not reporting, which again then should n’t be on my credit report because it says being reported by Cavalry every single month for YEARS. Cavalry told me that XXXX XXXX owns this account and gave me their number. XXXX told me that they are owned by Cavalry and Cavalry is the one reporting this. I called Cavalry back again at XXXX and I again was told that there ‘s nothing that they can do and they are n’t the ones reporting this although it ‘s on all three credit reports as such. I called XXXX XXXX back yet again and asked again about validation. I told them that if it is somehow indeed a valid debt that I would pay them, but they just told me that I should just know if a debt is mine or not and if they send me validation that it will just say that I owe {$440.00} and pressured me to just pay them over the phone and when I requested validation yet again they got gruff and hung up. A month and three days later ( today ) I called XXXX back to ask about my alleged account and spoke with XXXX XXXX at XXXX and she told me that after I asked for validation on XXXX, Cavalry recalled the debt the very next day. They are simply trying to hide that they never even owned this debt while they were reporting it, incorrectly reported and are shuffling this back and forth so that I ca n’t do anything about it. Cavalry and their subsidiary ( if they even are a subsidiary! ) are just giving me the run around and it ‘s unethical and this needs to be deleted from my credit reports. Furthermore, each time a debt is assigned or sold to a new collection agency or law firm, that agency must advise me, very specifically, that I have a right to dispute the debt and request verification of the debt. I requested validation of my own volition numerous times and I have NEVER received a right to dispute.This notice is required pursuant to 15 U.S.C. 1692g of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ( FDCPA ).

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