Disclosure verification of debt

I was involved in a real estate investment over 10 years ago. I lost one property to a foreclosure. There was a 1st and 2nd mortgage on that property. The 1st was taken care of in the foreclosure and the 2nd was sold off to numerous companies. I hired an attorney years ago to try to take care of this account. We continued to ask for proof of the loan which they could never produce. It has now been reporting as a 180 late mortgage only on XXXX. We have disputed this numerous times and asking for proof of the loan. The company is Real Time Resolutions. They have not provided any documented proof and now say they have sold the loan and do not have any information. Their response to XXXX continues to be they are reporting accurately. XXXX has told us they do not need to give written proof. My understanding under the FCRA is : The credit reporting company and the creditors should investigate the dispute or fix any mistake. If the disputed info is wrong or can not be verified, the creditor must delete or change it and provide a correction to the credit reporting company that received the disputed information.
We are unable to refinance due to this continuing to report an 180 day late mortgage payment. I will attach XXXX credit reports.
Thank you for your assistance!

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