Disclosure verification of debt

I have been a customer with XXXX and with XXXX since XXXX. I have been on autopay since that time and have been current on my bills. I have recently tried to refinance my home. However when the lender pulled my credit a collection from XXXX pulled up. After a number of calls to XXXX as illustrated below I have come to the conclusion that in XXXX someone from XXXX without my knowledge opened an additional unauthorized account trying to combine my XXXX with XXXX. During that time XXXX continued to bill me from my account # XXXX ( XXXX the XXXX digit # at the end ). Of which I am still current presently on this account. Apparently for the months of XXXX XXXX through XXXX XXXX XXXX opened the additional account to cover XXXX without letting me know. It took an immense amount of calls to find all of this information, each time finding out small tidbits here and there. If I called their billing department and asked for a supervisor they would transfer me to their finance department instead of their supervisor and then the finance department would pressure me into paying the outstanding amount of {$230.00}. However I had to explain on numerous occasions that it would still show as a paid collection on my credit for 7 years which most reps did not understand. I am happy making the payment but am asking for a Payment for Deletion letter as XXXX violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and had an illegal collection. One rep even told me that even though they made the mistake it was my fault for not noticing this. This is not the first time XXXX has done this to me either. In another instance they opened another account without my authorization that included landline phone bill charges, even though I do not have a landline phone setup. However that is another issue and not the reason why I am writing this, simply pointing out the discrepancies of this company.
After speaking with XXXX billing and finance reps along with a few managers was finally able to obtain the information for ERC Collections as most reps had no idea what I was referencing since they could not find any additional accounts. When calling ERC they asked me for my address. I provided them my primary address as XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX, XXXX XXXX. They told me that was not the address they had on file. The letters they had sent out were not even to my address, so again was failed to be notified.
All that I am asking if that this be removed from my credit bureau ‘s and will be happy to provide the payment then. I do not want it to show as a paid collection, it should be removed entirely. XXXX keeps stating it is the responsibility of ERC Collections to do this where as ERC Collections states that XXXX is responsible for this. Please help me get this issued resolved. It will also be a way for XXXX to collect their money and prevent any more time for their reps and mine wasted towards this matter.
Even though my account is registered in XXXX and has a XXXX number ( # XXXX ( -XXXX ) ), my cell phone plan is from XXXX. If I call in to their toll free number XXXX after typing in my XXXX area code account number it still groups me with their east coast line which states their call center is only open until XXXX EST and to call back again. I work here in XXXX until XXXX PST and call after I get off of work. If I call the store here in Arizona on PST they can patch me in to their west coast line to be connected. On XXXX I had to call XXXX different stores multiple times to get someone available in order to patch me in with their customer service. I had a total of 24 phone calls for 374 minutes and 1 store visit to resolve this and have not had any assistance to get this done. Please help me.

Thank you!

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