Disclosure verification of debt

On XXXX XXXX I received a call at work from a process server stating he would be there that day to serve me. He gave me contact information to MidLand Funding since I had no idea what this debt was for. When I called them they said an online loan taken out in XXXX XXXX was due today in the amount of {$1500.00} or they were suing me for {$4900.00}. They also stated I could not make payments, and when I told them I never remembered taking this debt and asked if they had paperwork they said no, and called XXXX to ” verify ” the debt even though all they did was verify my SSN and name was listed on a sold debt. When I asked why I had never been contacted about this before hand they said they did not send any notice because they were swamped with these cases and needed to try and get judgment on all of them so people ‘s tax returns could be taken in XXXX. I let him know I may be able to borrow money from someone but I did not remember this debt and would like some kind of paperwork. After I made it clear on XXXX XXXX that I could not pay the {$1500.00} today either way ( because I did n’t have that much money right now and I could not verify this was my debt ) he was angry and said he did n’t know what kind of proof I expected and I did n’t have a days notice to pay I had over 3 years to pay! I informed him no one had contacted me about this from his office and he said they did n’t have to because I breached a contract 3 years ago and I should have already known about it? The fact that he also said I would have my payroll garnished ( which is against KS state law when the debt is sold to a third party collector ), and that he was filing that I refused to pay with malicious intent and that I was going to lose before hanging up sealed the deal. All I wanted was some kind of information to verify this debt ( which he gave me some basic information i.e. when it was supposedly taken out, my SSN, bank account, and that several payments were made before it went bad ) but said there was no actual paperwork and I would have to go to my old bank and try to get the records to prove it. He asked if I expected them to have a video of me in front of a computer taking out this loan?! Anyone with access to XXXX paycheck stub would have had all of my information and anyone I ever wrote a check to at that time had my KS DL number!? All I wanted was some kind of information sent to me, maybe a listing of dates taken out and payments made to verify with my bank although I never remembered this or a chance to make payments and be called in advance, and I am threatened and talked to rudely instead.

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