Disclosure verification of debt

i recieved a collection letter from c-tech collections XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ny XXXX …. ( XXXX ) XXXX sue thosar who is named as the collection division manager … ..it was a collection notice for a doctor bill … .it is for XXXX dollars … this doctor apparently is not within my approved doctors and saw my wife in the emergency XXXX … .two issues arise for me … # 1 ) i was never given the oppurtunity to accept or reject the doctor … he was presented as, what we thought, was an employee of the hospital … but he was an ” outside contractor? ” … .hence how can i be charged an exorbitant fee for something that i was not informed about … .. # 2 ) i was never sent a bill from the doctor and was never given an oppurtunity to speak with him reference paying any of his fees … ..he was paid an inservice fee by my insurance of about XXXX bucks … .his collection agency disreguarded that payment and sent me a bill for the entire amount XXXX bucks … ..my insurance company states they paid him XXXX and there is no way they should be billing me the entire amount … .this collection agency comes up on a XXXX search as doing this stuff all the time … c-tech collections … .they even use a different outfit to send out the ” collection ” letters … .it comes from a XXXX XXXX … .a XXXX search of that XXXX XXXX XXXX a company that sends out these letters for all kinds of doctors … .all using various codes and headings … i believe this practice violates federal collection law XXXX sub ( XXXX ) … .using various names to try and collect debts … .it is so questionable that new york state has made the system illegal as of mid year XXXX … .but our original bill starts back in XXXX XXXX … .hence the attempt at collecting what i feel is no way owed to anyone!!!

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