Disclosure verification of debt

On XXXX,2016 I received correspondence from this company stating a debt was owed. The letter is dated XXXX/XXXX/2016. The letter states it is attempting to collect a debt on behalf of XXXX XXXX but does n’t list the reason. Ex : unpaid rent, cleaning fees..etc there is no reason of debt listed. My rights have been violated in more ways than XXXX and I will be escalating to the XXXX and XXXX! For XXXX, FDCPA states you have 30 days from RECEIPT of the letter of such debt to dispute! The attached notice will show they sent the letter to an old address meaning it was forwarded. The letter itself is dated/mailed XXXX/XXXX/16 I was given less than 30 days to dispute or validate said debt. I was never given a final bill or breakdown as to the cause of this debt. On XXXX/XXXX/16 I sent an email stating I had no knowledge of this debt but if it could be verified I would be willing to set up a payment plan on reference to not having it placed on my report per the letter they sent me stating this as an option. However today I woke up and found that instead of a response to my email or allowing the allotted 30 days from contact to dispute they went ahead and placed this on my report anyways. I will be contacting an attorney if this is n’t settled correctly. This is clear violation of rights! I have attached their letter, my email and my credit report reflecting the negative acct.

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