Disclosure verification of debt

I noticed XXXX items on my credit that I did n’t recognize that were listed by XXXX so I got their # and called them, the girl said they were tolls from XXXX..I live in XXXX … I told her I just wanted them gone and agreed to pay XXXX to do so, the girl refused to send me an email or letter spelling out that they would settle account for that amount. She said they do n’t have ” the legal dept ” to do that …???? I just wanted proof they would close these accounts for that amount as they said they would. I asked for her supervisor and a validation of debt because I did n’t remember being in illinois then, and she gave the XXXX thing and said hold on, the supervisor came on who said first thing that she was busy and what did I want???? Seriously?? She also refused to send a letter or email and told me I had til XXXX their time or the price would go up, and HUNG UP ON ME!
almost three weeks later, I get a letter from Trans World Systems saying that they now have my debt, and I need to call THEM. I called Trans world, and the girl said they ARE nco???? I nicely explained what happened before and that I was willing to close out the account even tho I was n’t sure it was mine, I just wanted some proof before I gave them my credit card that they would indeed close the account out for that amount, the girl got snippy with me and again refused, take it or leave it, oh, and ya, now its {$430.00}!!!!! Who are these shady people and why are they switching my account to different but same companies???

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