Disclosure verification of debt

XXXX XXXX XXXX is sending me collection notices on XXXX accounts. I am currently and actively being pursued by XXXX XXXX XXXX on XXXX of these same accounts ( these XXXX originated as XXXX Credit cards and they were mine ). The XXXX account they say originated with XXXX.
I called XXXX to verify the debts and amounts and was told that XXXX now owned the debt. I have sent a written request to XXXX with a copy of the XXXX letter asking if they have sold the debt to XXXX. They respond they still own the debt, but wo n’t provide me with further information.
I have no recollection of a XXXX account. I called XXXX Credit cards and they researched my social security number and found no accounts with them. The XXXX Chase Cards appear correctly on my credit report as charged off, but there is no record of any XXXX chargeoff until XXXX starting reporting it.
I have contacted XXXX repeatedly ( including certified mail ) asking them to verify the original accounts, current calculations, date of last payment, and proof of their ownership.
Instead I get a letter from ” Crosstown Law Firm ” with none of the information requested, which I am entitled to by law. Furthermore, the letter gave me 5 days to respond ( letter came 20 days later ) or I was validating the debts — also illegal.
The amounts they are reporting are not correct on the XXXX XXXX accounts, and the XXXX is crazy ( {$61000.00} )!
The person signing the letter, XXXX XXXX, is not licensed as a lawyer in MN, though the letter gives the impression she is a lawyer.
They have re-aged the XXXX debt incorrectly ( and added them together a couple of times ). This debt went into arrears in XXXX 2009, and they are reporting last activity as of when XXXX charged off the accounts and sold to XXXX.
I believe these actions by XXXX are completely fraudulent. They respond to my requests with threatening letters and are still reporting incorrectly on my credit report.
I had credit issues years ago, as the result of unemployment. We are now getting back on our feet and trying to fix stuff, but I believe XXXX XXXX is praying on me and does not own the XXXX debts, and the XXXX account is a fabrication.

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