Disclosure verification of debt

XXXX Account number : XXXX I switched wireless company from XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX, and i had remaining balance with XXXX of around {$640.00} because i broke my contract before the 2 year contract, XXXX accepted a monthly payment plan in XX/XX/XXXX to pay in full my debt, I made my two first payments in XX/XX/XXXX and second in XX/XX/XXXX, in XX/XX/XXXX according to Allied Collection Services, XXXX sent my account to collections without letting me know even when XXXX accepted to receive payments from me to pay in full my debt with them, in the mean time, The collection agency NEVER SEND ME THE NOTICE OF THE DEBT within the 5 days of first contact which it was in XX/XX/XXXX, they called me saying that they were XXXX, they never told me that they were a collection agency, they reported the collection to my credit affecting negatively my credit and without a notice in writting from them, they told me that they sent the notice and they were telling me several times that i probably put in the trash because i did not know what wast it …
I ALWAYS OPEN MY MAIL! ALWAYS! after i requested the notice they sent it to me in XX/XX/XXXX, i got the letter in the mail in XX/XX/XXXX, in XX/XX/XXXX after i found out that i had a collection in my credit report, i called XXXX and XXXX told me that somebody will contac me within 24hrs, nobody did, second call to XXXX and they give me different number, i called them asking for the Manager and after three calls they finally transfered me to the Manager, her name was XXXX, she was really rude and she kept telling me why XXXX did n’t pay, she repeated that like 4 times, like if that would be the solution for me in that time, she told me that she was going to check my account, she put me on hold for like 5 min, and then she told me about XXXX AGAIN!, she told me that they had the account since XX/XX/XXXX, she told me that i had a lot of time to make payments, i told her that i never received anything in the mail and that i was making payments every month to XXXX, that i received just a couple calls saying that they were XXXX which was a LIE! then she hang-up. I tried to CALL her again i do n’t know how many times but they kept telling me that the manager was busy, i disputed the negative mark with XXXX and XXXX, Allied Collection services agreed to delete ir from XXXX saying the i am not liable for the account ( is what XXXX told me ) i called Allied Collection again on Friday XX/XX/XXXX at XX/XX/XXXX asking why they deleted the collection from XXXX but not from the other XXXX agencies? The guy over the phone told me that they will not do it until they receive the full payment ( {$400.00} ) and once i make the payment he guaranteed to me that they will send an email to me telling me about the deletion of the collection in my credit report, i said : send me that email before and i will make the payment, he said : no! We will delete it but after you make the payment, i told the guy that i will make the payment as soon as i get home because i did n’t have the card with me, when i called back a few hrs after that day, they told me that they will not delete anything, i said that the first person that i talked to told me a tottaly different thing, they said that the first person told me that they will not delete anything, i told them why you guys are liying? They said that they were checking the notes and is not saying anything about delete it from my report I told the supervisor : please check the phone calls, she said that nobody told me that, they lie to people, i understand that was my debt and i was not trying to avoid it, but i had XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX so i was not thinking about debts, but they did n’t do the right things, they lie, they not send notices, pay was made in full to the original creditor ( XXXX ) on saturday XX/XX/XXXX

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