Disclosure verification of debt

Central Financial Control submitted derogatory information to all XXXX credit bureaus on XX/XX/XXXX that resulted in my credit score dropping XXXX points from XXXX to XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX. The company which represents XXXX XXXX Hospital claims both they and the hospital sent me correspondence via US Mail that they were going to send me to collections for the outstanding {$400.00} bill. To this date, I have never been contacted by the hospital. Equally, I NEVER RECEIVED ANY INFORMATION about this bill going to collections from Central Financial Control. I have had the same email address & cell phone number for over 20 years. I have lived in the same address for over 8 years. I ‘m not hard to find. I ‘m already paying another debt to the same company, from the same hospital for a much larger sum without issue. I tried to contact the hospital about this situation on several occasions and no one had a freaking clue of what I was talking about. I have submitted a dispute with Central Financial Control which resulted in basically nothing. They claim that they have my correct address and that it was mailed to me. The address is correct. The amount that was owed was correct. I ‘m not disputing that. What I am disputing is that Central Financial Control destroyed my credit on the assumption that I received the collection notice via US mail. I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY SUCH CORRESPONDENCE!!! They do n’t have any document with my signature acknowledging their intent to send me to collections. They do n’t have any recorded phones calls where I ‘m informed about this going to collections and they record all of there calls. In fact, when I have to call to make payments over the phone on the other much larger account because it ‘s the only way I can pay the account due to the fact that the hospital ‘s website for making payment does not work, they never once said anything with respect about this account going to collections and I call every month. Review my credit history. It clearly shows I have never paid anything late, NEVER! I ‘m extremely frustrated about this situation. {$400.00} really!! The instant I received a settlement letter, I resolved the issue. In fact I paid the bill in full even after they claimed that the account was closed as a result of the settlement. I ‘m equally frustrated that because of the Hospital ‘s billings departments gross incompetence, my credit has been damaged where it will take 5 to 7 years to repair. Central Financial Control refusing to remove the negative information off my credit because they assume I received the information via XXXX Mail is complete horse XXXX!!! They had me on phone every month since XX/XX/XXXX and never once said, oh by the way we ‘re going to send to collections for this other bill, would you like to pay that now or combine the bills to avoid a negative impact on your credit history??? Never. This I feel is extremely unjust. I have built and protected my credit for over 25 years to have it destroyed in an instant by the absolutely gross incompetence of XXXX XXXX Hospital and the quick and assumptious Central Financial Control

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