Disclosure verification of debt

My CFPB complaint on XXXX/XXXX/2016 was not resolved this business stated they will send me validation of debt, we are now XXXX/XXXX/16 and I have yet to receive any information. In my last complaint the business stated that I have been inconsistent with my complaint because I disputed with the credit report agency ‘s that the account is not mine and now I want Validation of debt. Obliviously if the company keeps trying to collect even after my dispute the persons who the account is affecting will ask for validation of debt, so i do n’t see the inconstancy here? Their response says I was sent numerous letter which is FALSE! How can I send a timely request for verification or validation, When I have never received a letter, I noticed the company on my reports. The business also failed to address the phone call to me that went against The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act saying he is in the process of suing me and filed documents with the XXXX court, and this is a violation A debt collector can not falsely threaten you or threaten you with illegal actions California Civil Code sections 1788.10-1788.11 ; 15. The business also failed to address the inconsistent information that has been reported to my credit files with different balances owed and dates given.

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