Disclosure verification of debt

I bought XXXX auto insurance through XXXX because XXXX gave discount to XXXX executive member, which I have been a XXXX executive member over 10 years. Everything was fine for a few years until I switched my auto insurance company to another auto insurance company. XXXX started sent me letter saying I owed them {$100.00}, I called to find out they said they did not have any record of I was XXXX executive member. I followed the instruction faxing the prove of XXXX executive member to XXXX over 10 times, after I faxed I called to find out if they got my fax, they always said there ‘s nobody able to see if the fax went through! The customer service DEPT said I should just wait if I got any mail to either confirm or asking for payment. This process was back and fore for over two months and still I kept receiving the bill demanding for the {$100.00}. However, the last statement I received was from collection then I called the collection company, trying to explain my situation. I offered to fax my prove of membership to the collection agency. But they said this was not their responsibility and referring me to contact XXXX to correct it. But XXXX never response if they received my prove of XXXX executive member. The collection agency said their job was to collect the money for XXXX. It became a never ending story.

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