Disclosure verification of debt

I just discovered that I had unpaid medical bills posted on my credit report and reported to my mother because she pays all of my medical bills. Concerned about this I called XXXX XXXX who confirmed they sent the bill and it was returned ( wrong address ), but now was in the hands of Credit Control Corporation, they said they called me previously about the bill. I vaguely remember receiving a call and gave them my mom ‘s number. She said they may have called her during working hours and they were not able to give her details. She told them that she paid all bills and would have to check. I had XXXX other bills on the same date of service that were paid ( they were billed correctly ). Willing to pay the outstanding bills until the manager refused to remove it from my credit report. First of all, notification of this delinquent bill should have been mailed not a phone call during business hours. An address can easily be found in today ‘s world … even a call back to XXXX XXXX. There are so many scams, I would never give HIPPA information to anyone on a random call. Just furious that my credit will be affected because other ‘s do n’t perform their job well or correctly. I was very sick and all bills that were received were paid. It ‘s sad that CCC would rather ruin my credit than accept the money owed. Not reasonable at all, how long will it take for this to be removed from my credit? I am young and have time to build my credit. I am the one that reached out to them to take care of this … ..shame on them for not contacting either one of us by official mail!! WORK ETHIC and CUSTOMER SERVICE VERY POOR with Credit Control Corporation!!!

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