Disclosure verification of debt

I was notified by my credit company that my credit score had dropped. I checked my credit report and saw that I had a collection agency report. I was never notified of the debt, never given a chance to dispute it or to give my insurance information. Lancaster Collection alleges that they do n’t have my info but they were still able to place it on my credit report. They could have gotten my address and phone number ( same number for 15 years ) from my credit report. When I called they said it would take 55 days to remove this from my credit report!!!! I was never given a chance to stop it from going on my credit report. I am suffering damages each day my credit score is artificially lower. Car insurance renewal, credit card companies evaluating me for offers or lowering credit limit thus increasing my debt ratio. This is terrible that they have the power to do this without speaking to me first!

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