Disclosure verification of debt

I received a letter from AR Resources out of Pennsylvania stating I owed a balance and would be reported to collections. I called within 24 hours and the gentleman I spoke with explained I owed this to the physician when I let him know my insurance should ‘ve covered this. When I let him know I never received a bill and would like a copy, he asked ” for verification, WHY do you need a copy?! ” I let him know once again I never received XXXX, the hospital name was wrong on the statement they sent and I knew I am legally entitled to XXXX. He interrupted me and said something along the lines of, ” oh you know you ‘re LEGALLY entitled? this is going on your credit if you do n’t pay this. Do you understand? ” I asked him to please not interrupt me and tried to finish what I was going to say and he started yelling at me saying that I was ridiculous for not paying this now and I needed to or he was reporting it now. According to the letter I have a right to dispute or pay the bill within 30 days so why was I being threatened with this? I tried to interject his rant and asked him to please transfer me to someone else and he completely refused. I asked him two more times and told him I did not appreciate him being rude to me and he yelled at me that I was rude and he would not help me and ” What do you feel bullied and threatended?! ” At this point I ended the phone call. I tried calling back but he answers and each time ahd I do n’t feel Comfortable talking to him.

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