Disclosure verification of debt

On XXXX/XXXX/16 I applied and was approved for a {$600.00} Loan. I was told that there would be a {$210.00} finance charge for this and I accepted this however I was unable to see the truth lending documents which stated the total payments would be XXXX because there was a interest rate of 800.8 interest rate. I was not able to view this until after I accepted and agreed. This is not fair. Is this legal?? I only agreed to borrow {$600.00} and now I am receiving notices that I now owe {$990.00}. I have already made two payments one for XXXX and one for XXXX. This is confusing. How do I owe over {$4000.00}. I was also given an extension to pay the current payment which was due on XXXX to pay {$210.00} on XXXX. They took the money out of my account anyway and I had a three way conversation where I spoke with Big Picture loans and my bank to have the money credited back into my account since they assured me that I was given an extension to pay the next payment on XXXX. They again went back on their promise and tried to take the money out on XXXX. According to my calculations, this loan for {$600.00} should be paid off by the end of XXXX. PLEASE HELP!

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