Disclosure verification of debt

on XXXX XXXX, 2016 I received the enclosed notice from SONNENCHEIN Collection Agency. In that notice I received no validation of the supposed debt but one photograph with of the supposed traffic violation. At that time I wrote the company the enclosed validation letter via certified letter with return receipt, to which they never replied. Shortly after that date as I was periodically checking my credit report, I saw a collection account for {$400.00} and my stellar credit rating dropped by XXXX points! The next day I called the collection agency and they told me ” they are not responsible for the mail they sent out. ” I never received anything from the city of XXXX regarding these fines. What is most important is I never got a chance to have a hearing regarding these fines. Additionally, the pictures taken by this red light camera show I came to a full stop before making a lawful right turn. The city of XXXX has also been sued for practices like this in not allowing drivers to have proper notice or options for a hearing. This red light camera, which is located on XXXX appears to not be properly calibrated. I would like the public to know this company, along with the city of XXXX is exploiting a loophole within the debt collection laws. This company is collecting for the city of XXXX and is calling them ” fines ” and not debts. Therefore, they think the Federal Debt Collection Practices do not apply to them.

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