Disclosure verification of debt

RE : URGENT FOLLOW UP : What is being done about my Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaint Made Several Times Online at cfpb, XXXX Complaint *REPLY REQUESTED URGENT FOLLOW UP : What is being done about my Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaint Made Several Times Online at cfpb? As your records will show this has been an ongoing complaint and dispute for years now, and several dozen or more complaints between myself, XXXX and the administration of XXXX, XXXX over an ill delievered, unknown, out-of spight, bad information given, financial hate crime, unforgiving private student laon as I discovered way later after graduation. XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX/ecsi billing statement ONLY ONE AND A FIRST : Accepting a fraction payment of {$140.00}, I mailed by USPS certified mail deliver {$140.00} and emailed XXXX Chancellor, Bursar and XXXX ( XXXX ) Board a message stating {$50.00} to {$80.00} was manageable, maybe {$100.00}, max to {$150.00} but that being less than {$100.00} a month in payments would be a financial strain with all other bills, including federal student loan payments, insurances, medical, housing, transportation and other neccessity miscellaneous bills. XXXX, a XXXX Administrator, at the time, Asst. Director of Financial Aid who chewed me out and at least in part or by large issued me the private XXXX student loan. *See entire complaint with all emails, cfpb online complaint web forms, records and attachments in full. Please read all of this, awareness is so important. Subtle racism, given a private loan out of sight, when I qualified for more, disgraceful. XXXX continues to put up a fake front on racial fairness, no equality of course. I ‘d first like to say to Chancellor XXXX, of XXXX ( where ‘s the ethical fairness? ), I have had so many XXXX, XXXX and unjust worries and dread, not to mention all else. I am again writing you asking you and the XXXX and XXXX Administration whose at fault to DISMISS and CANCEL the XXXX Loan of which I was treated with scorn, disgust and disdain and now I am still being tormented and harassed with by XXXX Administration. It is fair, maybe obvious to say, XXXX very likely, would never allow me to be a part of it, citing reasons, or whatever have you. This is totally ridiculous seeing The XXXX, XXXX administration in large part of those who have been in charge of my circumstances are largely, without moral and ethical integrity, I believe it is fair to note that.
Obviously, complaining continuously about their ill delivered and faulty issued student loan, even with just cause, certainly will not endear them towards me. To date, I have had no ZERO reply from XXXX ‘ Chancellor XXXX. Administrators at XXXX tried to discourage me from the very beginning now looking back to even enroll as a student at MY BELOVED XXXX, The XXXX. NOW they offer me a seemingly ( though I must seek details ) CRAPPY PAYMENT plan on their ill issued student loan after all their torment, discouragement, disdain, scorn, lack of opportunities, hope to break all ties with me and harassment. YET, XXXX ‘ demands I PAY UP!!! On a crappy student loan they deliberately gave me. See the very bottom of this email for a copy of Wednesday, XX/XX/XXXX ‘s message from Heartland ECSI, XXXX student loan servicer.

XXXX CHANCELLOR ‘S ALLOWANCE OF RACISM, AND FRAUD TOPPLED BY THE STATE ‘S OWN CRIMES AND CORRUPTION WHICH IS FAR AND WIDE SPREAD, DEEP THROUGHOUT ” XXXX ” : The XXXX, better known as XXXX ‘ Faulty Issued Loan, After a Request for Federal Student Aid, and XXXX Received Treatment of Me By Many XXXX Staff and Faculty.

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