Disclosure verification of debt

My roommate and I lived at XXXX XXXX XXXX for 13 months. We did everything according to the lease, paid rent before or by the first, put in the 60 day notice, cleaned the unit and moved out early ( we were to be out by XXXX XXXX ). On XXXX XXXX, I gave them my keys and family address in XXXX to forward any correspondence following the move. I also gave them the two week period before calling the apartment complex twice on XXXX XXXX, 2016. I spoke to a lady in the office she was not only confused as to the move-out situation for my apartment but was also disorganized as usual ; she could not tell me anything and was unsure as to why no one received any correspondence from the apartment complex, then stated she would have the manager, XXXX contact me immediately. My old roommate and I have yet to receive a phone call from the manager of the complex, nor have we received any mail following the move. With that being said I would assume we have paid in full-we also did not receive the security deposit back either.

I have pictures and videos of the unit following moving out and it was left in good conditions. I was unable to stay behind for the final walk through but I believe my roommate may have been.

Today, XXXX XXXX, 2016, I received a fraudulent letter from I.Q. Data International , Inc. stating I had an outstanding debt with XXXX XXXX XXXX for {$82.00}. The letter states it was to follow up on the move out report sent before continuing with collection activity. Again, not only have I contacted the apartment complex, XXXX XXXX, I have not received one letter from them regarding the security deposit or a debt owed ; I also have not received a return telephone call from the Manager of the apartment complex. I have excellent credit and the people who work for this complex are not only dishonest and untrustworthy but they have falsely threatened on numerous occasions to send us to collections when we have paid our debts and paid on time. We have had enough of the abuse!

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