Disclosure verification of debt

Those charges were related to move-out expenses from the condominium I used to live. When I moved out, condo management said that the invoice was not ready yet ( there were painting expenses they could not precise, for example ), so they would mail me the invoice later, with any additional charges they might had in addition to my existent deposit with the condo. I never received any invoice, phone call, or email. In XX/XX/XXXX I was very surprised to be contacted by a Collection company, charging me for a debt I did not know it exist. The agent was very rude and ironic, and mentioned the name of the condo ” The XXXX ”. I immediately contacted the condo via phone and they requested me to go to their office to settle the issue, which I did. The office manager checked my file and confirmed that indeed I never received such Notice of charges because they mailed my invoice to a wrong address. She even showed me the letter itself, returned by the post-office, so they knew I have never received it. They also never contacted me via phone or email, both information that they had in file. I lived in that condo for over 2 years and never had a late payment. That was in XX/XX/XXXX ( please see the attached receipt of payment ), and the office manager, XXXX, apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that the collection company would not bother me again. Not only the collection company bothered me again, several times, via phone ( the same rude and sarcastic agent ), but the firm also placed me as a Collection account, in XXXX. So the Collection company actually reported a mistake from the office, for a Notice that I never received ( please see the attached Notice, containing a wrong address ), which was returned by the post office, and then the company reported me a month after I made the payment directly to the condo.
I ‘ve had to dispute the information with the 3 Bureaus to have it removed. That was in XXXX.
Now, XXXX years later, the Collection Agency reported me again!! This time they reported an account in collection, paid. That is in incorrect, since it was proven XXXX years ago that I never received such notice.
I want this information removed from the Credit Bureaus immediately. This is disrespectful, it ‘s a waste of my time, and could have been a disaster for me since I had the closing of my Home 3 months ago. My FICO score dropped 22 points. They had no respect, they treated me with sarcasm, and they just assumed that I was a bad payer and made jokes. And now again, XXXX years later, they report this? I really wish there was a way that CFPB could punish this type of reckless behavior and lack of respect.

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