Disclosure verification of debt

I signed up with XXXX XXXX ( XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ) through XXXX. I was supposed to be receive XXXX bottles of XXXX gal water per month. Instead, they were delivering XXXX bottles bi-weekly at {$6.00} per bottle. I called them and they told me they would pick the extra bottles up and adjust my account to reflect correct costs. It never happened. I called back again asking about it, was told it was n’t done, but the rep I was speaking with would be putting in an order to have the unused water and empty bottle picked up at the time of the call. The driver came, but only took empty bottles not extra water. At this point I was highly upset because they were also dropping off MORE water and charging me. I had a total of XXXX bottles of water. I called after receiving a late payment notice from them and stated I was told to make payment after adjustments were made. I informed them that they needed to fix my account so I can make the payment for the correct amount I was initially told I ‘d be charged, not $ XXXX+ they were now claiming I owed due to the excess water. I requested to cancel the account. They told me the account amount can not be adjusted until the water is picked up. XXXX did not deliver more water pass the XXXX bottles, but also never came to pick up the equipment & water, nor made any adjustments.

In XX/XX/2016, I checked my credit report to see that XXXX had referred my account to CBA ( Collection Bureau of America ) and my credit ha taken a big hit, dropping XXXX points! The amount owed on my report listed by the collection agency now read {$330.00}! I never received any notice from Collection Bureau of America about the debt nor anything stating my right to dispute. I most certainly would have disputed considering the issues I was having with XXXX XXXX. After calling XXXX XXXX due to seeing the account had been transferred and the stuff still had not been picked up, they told me they could no longer do anything about the account and that I would need to talk to the collection company. XXXX XXXX purposely over charged me and ruined my credit when they decided not to pick up their product after multiple phone calls.

I called collection company and they told me I had a {$330.00} balance and I would need to bring the equipment to the crystal warehouse and it would adjust the balance down to {$110.00}. I told them that crystal water was supposed to have picked up the products, but never did. The rep told me no one would be coming to pick the stuff up and that I would need to bring the equipment and bottles in or be charged for them. I drove over 45 minutes to drop off the stuff at XXXX ‘s location. The rep asked me why I was dissatisfied with the product and I explained everything that happened. He informed me that the XXXX XXXX drivers are understaffed in the area and that is why they never came to pick up the equipment and water. I am being penalized by way of being over charged and my credit ruined for a problem within the XXXX XXXX company. It is my belief that XXXX XXXX has also misrepresented the status of account to CBA.


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