Disclosure verification of debt

I pulled a copy of my XXXX credit report and learned that Alliance One sl ammed my credit report XXXX different times for the same XXXX account. I called them to ascertain what this was about because they have never contacted me, or given me an opportunity to dispute this debt. I was told by the representative that those XXXX different accounts actually posting in my credit profile were invoices from the same XXXX account. How nefarious can you be? That is like reporting each invoice for a delinquent XXXX account. They know better! In addition to that, I do not have any recollection of this debt. They have never attempted to contact me prior to reporting those XXXX invoices to my credit profile. I have never been treated by the reporting medical facility. I am insured with XXXX . Any medical bills should have been reported to them. This is a serious violation of my rights because this collection agency knowingly slammed my credit report with XXXX different entries for XXXX account, according to their representative. This was a hideous attempt to hold my credit score hostage t o collect on a debt. I am requesting that they are severely sanctioned because it is no telling how many other American citizens that have treated the same. When I spoke to Alliance One, I adamantly denied responsibility for this debt, and I requested that they not further report this in my credit file. At the time, they were only reporting to XXXX . Imagine my surprise w hen I learned that now XXXX and XXXX have the same manner of reporting in my credit file. This was after they were told to remove it from my XXXX profile. Please instruct them to remove this derogatory and erroneous information from all XXXX of my credit reports. Furthermore, discipline this collection agency and remove their ability to do business in this industry. Thank you!

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