Disclosure verification of debt

Company is XXXX, a Billing Co, for XXXX XXXX Hospital. Addr XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Ph XXXX XXXX XXXX in collusion with PROFESSIONAL FINANCE COMPANY a collections Co that did not notify me of the debt in writing or by phone or make any attempt to collect it or allow me to dispute, which I would have done immediately because I do n’t owe it, before just directly placing a negative on my credit report and dropping my score by XXXX points & destroying my credit for 7 years. I believe this is illegal. Their info. PROFESSIONAL FINANCE COMPANY Ph XXXX XXXX Company Address : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX , CO XXXX This bill incurred XX/XX/XXXX for {$170.00}. When I was sent a bill from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX that said XXXX ( insr ) unable to identify patient, I called bout a month later after I recovered from XXXX and told them this had to be a mistake & went through the info with a XXXX who said she ‘d fix it & bill insurance.I left it at that until I got another notice several months later. This time instead of calling, I SENT A LETTER with the bill & a copy of my insurance card, front & back and asked that they properly invoice my insurance, because I ‘d called before & nothing done. I heard no more, so I assumed it was taken care of & there was no portion for me to pay, given the lack of any further communication or Insr EOI.In XX/XX/XXXX my credit report was hit OUT OF THER BLUE with a collection by the above company with NO PRIOR NOTIFICATION of any debt owing or right of dispute, from either XXXX or PROFESSIONAL FINANCE Collections with any opportunity to attempt to straighten this out YET AGAIN, dispute the debt or even pay if I needed to, which I do n’t except the small Patient Owes amount my Insr company would have told me to, IF they had ever been billed, which they WERE NOT. My Insr confirmed that XXXX NEVER billed them per my call in XX/XX/XXXX or my Letter in XX/XX/XXXX.I was devastated & shocked when my credit was destroyed in late XXXX in this fashion with NO NOTICE and immediately called XXXX. I spoke to XXXX and she went through my info again as I tearfully explained what happened and discovered that the XXXX receptionist had transposed my insurance numbers. XXXX told me very specifically that it would be ok, she would resubmit the bill to insurance with correct billing and STATED she ‘d HAVE THE COLLECT CO REMOVE THE NEG MARK ON MY CREDIT! Since then, the Collection agency has hit my credit XXXX more times ( total of XXXX now ) .I called XXXX again today XX/XX/XXXX and spoke to XXXX. XXXX ( would n’t give me her last name ). Explained everything and saw online on my account that the bill had finally been re-submitted to insurance on XX/XX/XXXX after I initially called & spoke to XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX.Asking when will the Collection Co remove the negative mark on my credit report, she NOW is telling me that her teamleader said they WILL NOT!! Even though this is their mistake, which I made every effort to rectify last year and got NO ADVANCE NOTICE from them or PROFESSIONAL FINANCE collections of a debt.So, XXXX lied to me ( XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX ) about removing the negative from my credit, though XXXX XXXX made the mistake in the XXXX place ( incorrect entry of insurance numbers ) XXXX did not act on my phone call in XX/XX/XXXX to rectify the insurance mistake, XXXX did NOT acknowledge my letter in late XX/XX/XXXX showing them in black & white my insurance info & to please submit to insurance, nor fix their errors. PROFESSIONAL FINANCE did not notify me in writing of any attempt to collect a debt, nor give me any opportunity to dispute debt & explain this situation again & now my credit is destroyed for 7 years because others made mistakes, ignored letters, were incompetent in phone calls & Collection agency broke the law. I want the Neg Mark REMOVED very Urgently!!

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