Disclosure verification of debt

I found out about this debt when served with papers saying I was being sued by Med1 collections. The papers were served on XXXX XXXX 2015 with a court date of XXXX XXXX 2015! I work as a XXXX, I called when I could but Med1 would deflect my attempts to try and figure this out. I have a gentleman working on my credit and finances. I signed a power of attorney and asked him to get the information. He sent the ” lawyer ” for Med1 a letter ( attached ) asking for paperwork to validate the debt so we can see what this is and if it is correct work out a settlement. The ” lawyer ” says he has the paperwork but refused to give it to my representative since he was not a lawyer. He said the only way to get the paperwork is for me to call him. I do not want to call a debt collector and get bullied. I should not have to.

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