Disclosure verification of debt

I recently had repossession of my vehicle, The vehicle was under mine and my wife ‘s name. I went through a divorce. Never spoke to her. She had the car for 2 years without making a payment..capital one never contacted me ..until a a couple of months ago. When the repo man came to the door.. he was looking for the truck and told him my ex wife has the truck. I ended up getting the truck back and called capital one and told them what had happened. The rep said that if I can pay on it for 12 months that I would get the title and the car paid off. I was happy to work out the plan because it seemed very nice for them to work with me and understood my situation. After paying on the car for 4 months on time..they repo ed the car and told me that I would need to pay the whole balance to get the car back … I think this was hugely miscommunication with me.. now I have a repossion on my My credit report. And trying to buy another car is very tough. I felt I was done very wrong and violated numerous laws.. please help! Thanks

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