Disclosure verification of debt

I became behind on my Military Star Card when my XXXX got XXXX from the military and I lost my job due to being laid off in XXXX XXXX. I was notified after filing my taxes in XXXX XXXX that they would be taking all XXXX of my federal tax refund dollars. After contacting the Treasury office, they told me that the only people who can stop this is the creditor themselves. I reached out to the creditor twice trying to make arrangements as well as file for a hardship. They insisted that they could n’t help or withdraw the information from the debt until its paid. Basically telling me they can and will take all the money they can. They also told me that filing for a hardship would take about 30-45 days. When i requested to speak to a supervisor i was placed on hold by XXXX different agents many times. I was given a non-working number and told to call the supervisor and leave my name and number, and they will get back to me as soon as possible within 24 hours. The number I was given for the supervisor is XXXX. I explained my hardship of not being able to pay my rent or utilities, as well as having XXXX children. They did n’t care and said sorry this is your debt and we will do what is needed to collect but if you like you can set up a payment plan for the remainder of the balance after we take the refund. How am I to pay that money if I can not even pay my normal bills due to them taking my refund.

They claim to have sent notice of the offset XX/XX/XXXX due to them saying I did n’t have a payment plan in place, I never received anything or any notice to offset. And I was also on a payment plan of {$200.00} a month at the time up until XXXX XXXX when my payments fell behind and they would no longer work with me due to my job laying me off XX/XX/XXXX.

After contacting this company repeatedly, and them either hanging up on me or giving me false information as to whom i can contact to help me resolve this issue. I am coming here for help. I was basically told after weeks and weeks of trying to contact this company that they will not give any part of the refund of XXXX that they took from my taxes even if I am in a hardship. They claim that the hardship would only help pay the remaining balance after they collected all of my refund that I desperately need to keep my family a float. After lying to me and telling me that they would help and do what they could after speaking to the higher ups they avoided my calls and when I did finally get a hold of them they claimed sorry there is nothing that they can do and I would be on my own and sorry for any inconvenience. This is not acceptable or even fair! I needed that money to pay rent, my lights and water so they do n’t get shut off as well as food for my children and these people just do n’t care at all!

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