Disclosure verification of debt

Meridian financial placed me in for collection without notifying me. My credit score went from a XXXX to XXXX. I was n’t given an opportunity to discuss and or pay a debt that was 5 yrs. old prior to them killing my credit. I contacted the time share and solved the problem in a 20 minute phone call. When I called them Meridian to tell them that this was a misunderstanding and the debt was paid, ( without there help ) and that I would appreciate them clearing my name I was told and lied to about how they spoke with my husband ( XX/XX/XXXX ) ..who died in XX/XX/XXXX. And how they sent numerous letters to an address I never lived at. And how this will be staying on my credit report for 7 years!!! I think it is unfair for a company to have so much power that they are able to wipe a persons credit out with the stroke of the keyboard. I am asking that this mistake does n’t wipe out 40 years of exemplorary credit! My credit is who I am and it means the world to me. As a widow I would not have been able to provide for my children. Now as an XXXX adult I must maintain great credit to survive. Thanks!!

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