Disclosure verification of debt

I received notification from Pressler & Pressler, LLC NJ that they were attempting to collect on a debt from XXXX from XXXX. I have attempted to communicate with P & P on several occasions. I honestly thought it was a scam at first because when I called the number on the document I received the person on the other end of the phone proceeded to call me ” a f*** loser that should pay her bills ”. So I withheld any further communication thinking it was a scam ( which I still think it ‘s a scam ). That is until they took money from my bank accounts ( and continue to ). Let me add here XXXX of the accounts they took from was my daughter, XXXX XXXX COLLEGE ACCOUNT. I was merely a signer for account as it was started when she was under XXXX.
I have documents to support my attempts to contact them via mail, and their vague responses. The bill they are trying to collect on is inaccurate and down right fraudulent.
They allege a judgment was ordered on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX in their letter to me from XXXX/XXXX/XXXX.
There are many inconsistencies with the bill from XXXX itself. For example : there are charges from some other Long Distance Carriers that I never authorized. Back when I got the bill from XXXX I challenged it because I never authorized any of these other carriers, ( XXXX of them charged {$4.00} per minute! ). I communicated to P & P they bought bad debt- they failed to respond and took more money out my account. The most recent was in XXXX XXXX. I ‘m standing my ground that this is wrong and fraudulent. I have filed an objection to the levy P & P has against my accounts. I am due in XXXX Superior Court on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX at XXXX in front of The Honorable XXXX.
This has been a nightmare, I never know when monies will be taken out of my account without notice. I can not open any new accounts because they immediately take the money. I have had to pay processing fees to the banks themselves, adding to the financial burden and distress. I have lost sleep and years have gone by with no resolve leaving me feeling hopeless that I will ever have good credit or clear this from my credit history. I have paid higher interest rates to the credit cards I have despite paying them all on time.
Lastly, my time. I have lost so much time over this nonsense. In the last few years my aging parents have had health issues. My fathers XXXX and a plethora of other health issues. My mother has had XXXX, not once but twice now. The first time she did well, but this time is different. It ‘s a different XXXX much more XXXX, her poor XXXX and I have watched her suffer unbelievably. My eldest daughter is struggling with XXXX and I have to make up for her absence to my XXXX growing grandchildren.The idea that these dirt bags have taken any of my time away is infuriating. Listen everyone has stuff, I know that. But these people have to be stopped. How many others like me?
As I stated earlier I have supporting documents, some are paper some are electronic. I can mail them to you upon request, it would be more organized that way.
Sincerely, XXXX

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