Disclosure verification of debt

On XXXX XXXX, XXXX I got a credit alert from my credit monitoring service that there was a change in my credit bureau. I went online and looked at it and saw simply a reference to a collection from a company called National Credit Systems. I had never received a phone call or letter or any other communication from this company.

I called their offices as soon as it opened, inquired about the debt they were collecting on, and realized it was related to an early termination fee from an apartment I was renting in XXXX! I do n’t dispute the amount, but I was never billed for the early termination fee and did n’t know it was outstanding.

So, I informed the agent that I had never received notice from the apartment company or from the collection agency that anyone was trying to collect. I told him I would pay the debt that day, which I did, if he could ensure that it would be expunged from my credit bureau because I ‘ve never gotten any phone calls or letters from anyone. The agent said ” absolutely ”. He suggested that they did n’t have any contact information for me even though I kept the same mailing address and phone number before, during and after the time I lived in the apartment. Surely the apartment complex had all that information from my initial application. Even so, a simple google search could have easily found me.

I paid the bill that day and continued to follow up with the company about expunging the collection from my record because they had n’t provided any notification or made any effort to notify me about collecting a debt. My bureaus show the credit as paid off, but its still on there as a derogatory, negatively impacting my credit score.

I have no way to contact the prior apartment management as the complex was sold. And my attempts to resolve this with the collection agency have obviously yielded little result.

I believe that a collection agency, as a furnisher of information to the credit bureaus, is required to Inform consumers about negative information which is in the process of or has already been placed on a consumer ‘s credit report within one month. I received no such notification from the time I vacated the apartment ( XXXX XXXX ) until the time I got the alert from my credit monitoring ( XXXX XXXX )!!!

Thanks for your help.

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