Disclosure verification of debt

First and foremost the person who called me was very rude and did not let me even speak. He was giving me attitude and was n’t very informative nor was he professional. I was late for work and asked him if he was able to contact me at a different time, he refused to do so and demanded I speak to him despite the fact of me missing my train. They were not able to provide what it was actually about. Also the gentleman asked me to verify my last XXXX digits of my social security number, I refused because at the time he had n’t even told me where he was calling from or what it was regarding! He had n’t advised me that they were trying to collect a debt, or anything just kept on demanding that I provide me the last XXXX digits to my social. He then proceeded by telling me that he had my social security number in front of him and then continued by reciting my 1st XXXX digits of my social security number! I was appalled and shocked that he would do something like that. That was my personal information he was sharing out, what if it had not been me? They continuously harass my boyfriend, which I do not even know how they obtained his number seeing how I did n’t even know that he existed at the time they claim the date was. They stated that they use a ” very powerful search engine ”. If so then how come no bill was sent to my correct address or how come they did not call MY number? I was APALLED at how I was spoken to. I then proceeded to try and get as much information as possible, leaving me to still scratch my head. My boyfriend was harassed, my personal information was given to me over the phone before verifying it was even me, I was spoken to horribly, Not enough information was given.

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