Disclosure verification of debt

I had a debt that was being collected from XXXX XXXX XXXX I think last year. And it went on my credit report negatively for {$100.00}. This was not my debt. It was disputed and removed from all credit reports. A year later a company called Diversified Consultants , Inc from XXXX, Florida is trying to collect the debt apparently and it went on my credit report again. I have once AGAIN disputed it through the credit reporting agencies and wrote a letter to Diversified Consultants upon finding it on my credit report. I was never notified by them that they were trying to collect a debt or I would have submitted the investigation paperwork from the last incident. Which, to reiterate was removed due to lack of evidence this was my debt!! Now it seems the debt is being resold and collected again??? I have not heard from Diversified Consultants to date. I want them to remove the negative account from my credit reports and stop collecting against me immediately.

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