Disclosure verification of debt

I shared with this collection agency, that XXXX XXXX is attempting to collect a debt through them that is not valid. I am asking the company to verify that this a real debt and proof of where I agreed to sign a contract with this company to keep or store my stuff beyond leaving the XXXX XXXX. In addition, I need copies to the bills that that XXXX reported they sent to my house prior to collection for prior years ( which never occured until XXXX. I offered to give company settlement they stated XXXX would not accept. I was then told that the illegal debt from the original biller would be on my credit if not paid by XXXX/XXXX/2016. I offered to pay or make payment of something. I am requesting that this not be placed on my credit or deleted until this company sends the proof XXXX has right to bill me ( copy that I signed contract with them ) which never occured to keep storage etc.

I am also asking nothing to be placed on my credit and removed immediately if placed until this verification and or agreed upon outcome with XXXX /settlement with agency has had time to respond or develope. Please also note that I wrote via email for this verification over three weeks, Southwest stated on email today he would send ( but later denied ) stating ok I will send the letter and verification you request, the later claimed I was stalling a bill and oh he mailed to my home over 30 days ago. but earlier in email he stated he would verify and send. Point is he is trying to collect a an illegal debt and he is refusing my basic right for it be verified specifically with a letter or copy from original creditor where I signed to place my items in storage and keep my items in storage for a certain amount each month or payment terms or something. ( they dont have record of nor does the orginal company. So instead Southwest is claiming lies that I am stalling payment when I told him that if an agreement is not made I will be forced to pay a illegal bill. I am here for one goal solve this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southwest cant verify either nor did they mail anything to my home, because my contract for storage or signed information with that company does not exist and after agreeing to me he would send he then changed his course and lied stating that he mailed out thirty days ago. If that were true why would I have requested in writing verification 2 weeks ago and today? really?

Please note I can email to someone the entire email conversation with Southwest today. and copy a few statements to verify this I was unable to upload proof but I can email later to your address.


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